Offroad Classic

Phantom Classic Portion is a snus that is mild in its traditional tobacco flavor. With a peppermint in combination with a sourness for Phantom classic portions, the thoughts of that classic snus flavor. Phantom Classic Portion is a snus from V2 Tobacco, which also manufactures Thunder and Offroad.

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Phantom snus has a Swedish style which not compromise on aroma, flavor or taste. Phantom uses only carefully selected tobacco varieties and flavoring of the highest quality. It’s no surprise hat since the introduction Phantom snus has generated a cult-like following among Swedish style enthusiasts around the world. While true to the Swedish roots of snus, Phantom snus is much more competitively priced than other snus in the class. Phantom comes in the different flavors:

Phantom logo embossed in the gloss plastic lid but, enough about the can; you’re here for the tastes so, let’s take a look! Phantom Classic’s flavor is unique in the sense that unlike most of V2’s snus flavors, Phantom Classic has a relatively melow taste. V2 is pretty much known for their intense flavors but with Classic, the flavor is of pure tobacco and salt

Classic: Has as tradition snus aroma with a slight peppery taste and hints of citrus
Blue: Has a slightly sweet flavor and fresh hints of juniper and other herbs. 
Brown: Has a traditional snus aroma with a robust flavor of pure tobacco and smoke. 
hantom Classic portion snus is a regular type portion snus made by V2 Tobacco in Silkeborg, Denmark. Even though Phantom Classic portion is made in Denmark, it’s manufactured to the high standards that snus made in Sweden 

V2 Tobacco

V2 Tobacco conducts its operations out of one of Scandinavia's most modern snus factories, built in 2011. V2 Tobacco the makers of: 

Offroad snus - Offroad is V2 Tobacco's high flavor snus brand 
Phantom snus - Phantom is snus with traditional snus aromas 
Thunder snus - Thunder is the strong snus with traditional and high flavoring

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Nicotine (mg/g)8mg
Content (g/can)18g
ManufacturerV2 Tobacco
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