Offroad Gold Selection

The snus company has the honor of presenting Offroad Gold Selection - the latest snus from V2 Tobacco. The portion snus has a traditional and classic flavor, combining spicy tobacco with bergamot.

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Offroad Gold Selection
Offroad Gold Selection Offroad Gold Selection

Buy Offroad Gold Portion, Swedish Snus

If you are looking for exiting new taste sensations. Offroad is the snus for you. The Offroad brand has the largest variety of unique flavors, each one distinctive, suprising, and are delightful. Offroad snus is available in mini portion, original portion, white portion and loose snus. Offroad snus is definitly a bargain!Offroad Gold Solve is a loose snus from V2 Tobacco which has a traditional and classic taste that is appreciated by many. A spicy tobacco taste combined with a hint of citrus.With a classical and genuine taste of tobacco That comes from the natural aroma from the tobacco, with some citrus and bergamot added for freshness. Regular servings type for ease of use and handling.

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Nicotine (mg/g) 8mg
Content (g/can) 12g
Format Normal
Type Original
Brand Offroad
Manufacturer V2 Tobacco
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