Olde Ving Original

Olde Ving Original is a snus with classic taste of tobacco. Tobacco flavor is simple with elements of Saltiness. Clearly in Olde Ving, just like in other more established snus brands, is a touch of citrus. Many appreciate Olde Ving Original just because it is so simple and traditional. Olde Ving Original is manufactured in Sweden by Gajane.

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Olde Ving Original
Olde Ving Original

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Information about the product - Olde Wing Melon Portion
Olde Wing Melon gives you a snus in helping shape that combines a classic tobacco flavor with a sweet taste of melon. Furthermore, presented in a colorful box with double cover. Olde Wing is a snus produced in Sweden by Gajane.

Facts about product
Brand Olde Wing
Product Portion
Normal Strength
Nicotine 9 mg / g
Contents / box 18 g
Snustyp Pouches
size Original
Producer GN Tobacco

More Information
Nicotine (mg/g)9mg
Content (g/can)20g
Content typeTobacco
BrandOlde Ving
ManufacturerGN Tobacco
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