Skruf Strong Loose

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Skruf Strong Loose has a slightly milder tobacco flavor that is accompanied by the traditional flavors citrus, bergamot and rose oil. The nicotine content is 12 mg / g. The snus is made with 100% organic tobacco and in order to get the stronger character, a larger proportion of leaf tobacco has been used.

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Skruf Strong Loose
Skruf Strong Loose

Buy Skruf Strong Loose, Strong Loose from Skruf

Skruf Strong loose is a loose snus reliably manufactured with a unique milling process which makes snuff easy to bake. Skruf Strong loose is slightly stronger as the recipe contains more tobacco leaves, which besides its mild, pure tobacco flavor gives a more intense flavor experience.

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Nicotine (mg/g) 12mg
Content (g/can) 42g
Format Loose
Brand Skruf
Manufacturer Skruf Snus
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