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The history of Snus goes far back to the past, namely to Sweden, where smokeless tobacco appeared. Nowadays, Snus is popular all over the world. And very often, people who would like to try Snus or start using it on a regular basis, do not know what to choose. We can confidently say that for beginners, a slim portion of Snus is ideal. What are the advantages of slime portions of Snus?

General Slim Snus - original taste of snus

The introduction of the packaged snus form was seen as an impulse for the development of other forms of packaging. Today, there are about eight varieties of snus in different sizes. One of the most common shapes is nowadays called "slim portion". Most users confirm its many advantages:

  • Slim Portion Snus offers the same intense taste and nicotine release as large portions.
  • Snus Slim Portion is a snus in longer, narrower pouches that are easier to place under the lip. The thin format gives a more discreet feeling because it is much less visible behind the lip.
  • Most varieties in the thin portion format are also characterized by a slower walking motion thanks to a special portion material.

You can buy slim portion snus in the online store, there are a wide assortment and quality service.

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