STRÖM Juicy Berry

STRÖM Juicy Berry has, as the name suggests, a berry flavor, but in combination with citrus and melon. Both the pills and the box they come in are made from plant-based material, which is an advantage from an environmental perspective. STRÖM is also a new brand in nicotine pouches.
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STRÖM Juicy Berry
STRÖM Juicy Berry

STRÖM Juicy Berry STRÖM's berry-flavored nicotine pouches have a normal strength nicotine content of 9.6 mg/g.


The brand has created a product that continuously releases nicotine for the same nicotine release the entire time the portion is used.

The STRÖM brand is new in tobacco-free white nicotine pouches and Berry is a strong strength alternative. In addition, the nicotine is released evenly throughout use.

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Nicotine (mg/g)9.6mg
Content (g/can)12.5g
TypeTobacco free
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