The Lab 05 Slim Strong White

The Lab 05 Strong White Portion has a narrower and longer serving bag. The Lab Series 05 Strong White Portion has a spicy and delicious aroma, as well as notes of nuts. The white portion is drier, which makes it flow less. The can is well designed and has a practical double lock.

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The Lab 05 Slim Strong White
The Lab 05 Slim Strong White The Lab 05 Slim Strong White The Lab 05 Slim Strong White The Lab 05 Slim Strong White The Lab 05 Slim Strong White

Buy Swedish snus The LAB 05 Strong White Portion.

In late 2008, Swedish Match put together a development team of researchers, designers and snus consumers. This team was given the objective to create a new snus series by merging the latest research, generations of experience, and the specific demands of snus consumers. A most thorough process - of experimenting and tasting ensued with long discussions, including round tables and in depth interviews. Many tobacco blends were evaluated: nothing was left to chance – checking and double-checking everything from fragrance, flavor, and lip feel to the design of the can.

Their efforts resulted in two blends. Both have a natural tobacco character. The difference being that one is slightly more potent than the other, having a somewhat higher nicotine content. The brand, The LAB, tells this story. The code names, 01, 05, 06, 07,12 and 13 were kept from the development phase when the laboratory team numbered the different prototypes.

The close collaboration in the team also brought two innovations, the slimmer pouch and a non-drip release system. The slim portion pouch is less visible behind the lip. The non-drip releases more flavor, with less drip. The products have a neutral design with simple lines that clearly illustrate the contents. The LAB was launched in September 2009. The LAB Fresh was launched in August 2013, as a new concept with mild tobacco taste and a cooling function. A long, narrow pouch in Slim format, with a dry surface for less drip. During spring 2014, The LAB Fresh is relaunched, following successful product improvements. Buy Swedish snus The LAB 05 Strong White Portion now.

Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Moisture preservatives (E 422, E 1520), Flavor enhancers (salt), Acidity regulator (E 500), Aromas including liquid smoke.

More Information
Nicotine (mg/g)14mg
Content (g/can)21.6g
Content typeTobacco
BrandThe Lab
ManufacturerSwedish Match
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