WoW! Wintermint White

WoW! Wintermint White Portion is a snus with a big and clear taste of mint. The special Jenka chewing gum flavor feels clear again. Delivered in a green, designed case. Each WoW box contains 22 pouch, of a medium size, divided into 15 grams.

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USD 2.37
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WoW! Wintermint. Buy Swedish snus online.

Scandinavian Premium Tobacco (SPT ) is a tobacco company with the goal to offer Swedish snus manufactured to the highest standards in terms of quality, presentation and service sense . SPT has worked nearly 10 years in the Scandinavian market and is working with a long-term sustainable strategy to establish itself as a complete supplier of snuff . In recent years , Scandinavian Premium Tobacco focused on grocery and convenience stores , and as of today they are represented in most major chains on the market. Through these establishments at the big chains , this means that they have a good distribution of their articles in both the structured and unstructured market. Now SPT into the next phase to continue its expansion and looking glances toward an exciting export market, where there are several interesting markets with huge potential for traditional Swedish snus.

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Nicotine (mg/g)8mg
Content (g/can)15g
ManufacturerSP Tobacco
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