Al Capone Mint White Mini

Al Capone Mint White is a new minisnus with purified tobacco and a clear taste of mint. The simple black dose contains 20 pcs of miniprillor. Al Capone Mint White is a new minisnus from Råå S. The snus contains a processed tobacco, giving a dry dot with minimal runnyness that is firmly underneath the lip.Al Capone has a balanced tobacco flavor with clear elements of mint. Prilla not visible in simple black rectangular box.

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USD 3.99
Al Capone Mint White Mini
Al Capone Mint White Mini Al Capone Mint White Mini Al Capone Mint White Mini Al Capone Mint White Mini

Buy Al Capone Vanilla White Mini Snus

Al Capone Mint is the modern and innovative way to enjoy snus. If you are looking  for a refreshing and cool mint flavor then Al Capone Mint is the one for you.

Al Capone Mint is small, clean and fresh and contains 6 mg of nicotine. This small and powerful snus will give you a quick release of nicotine and refreshing mint  flavor. It is a dry mini portion that delivers you a non-rinsing snus with long lasting flavors. No refrigeration needed.

Enjoy the new way to snus!

Six reasons to enjoy Al Capone Mint Snus:
  • Cool & fresh Mint flavor, delivering a long lasting experience
  • Contains 6 - 8 mg nicotine which releases very fast
  • Small and to others invisible snus pouch (26 mm length x 14 mm width)
  • Clean pouch
  • As Al Capone Snus is dry, there is absolutely NO refrigeration needed
  • One can contains 20 Snus Pouches

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More Information
Nicotine (mg/g) 8mg
Content (g/can) 6g
Format Mini
Type White
Brand Al Capone
Manufacturer Råå S
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