BLCK Cold Mint

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BLCK Cold Mint
BLCK Cold Mint

Nicotine pouches are tobacco-free pouches, which are an alternative to traditional snus. They are all-white pouches, with fresh flavors that gives you an effective nicotine kick, but entirely without tobacco. The pouches do not stain your teeth like traditional snus and are considered an healthier alternative to snus, because they don’t contain tobacco. The slim design is comfortable under the lip and are very subtle.

The nicotine pouches has over the last couple years become very popular. The popularity has grown because of the health benefits of traditional tobacco products and because the pouches come in a lot of different flavors to try. You can basically choose among your favorite flavors like: coffee, mint, lime, berries, blueberry and many more. Since nicotine pouches are tobacco-free the runny tobacco taste, that a lot of people don’t like in traditional tobacco doesn’t exist.


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Nicotine (mg/g)12mg
Content (g/can)16g
TypeAll White
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