EPOK snus from Sweden is the world's first snus where manufacturers use environmentally friendly technologies to make their chewing product healthier.

Snus EPOK Origin

Winnington AB, the Epok manufacturer, has two popular snuff brands the company can be proud of. Snus Epok was born because it was high time for innovative snus products, cleaner and healthier than ever before. Of course, any tobacco product is not completely safe as chewing sachets contain nicotine and many toxic additives. But Winnington tried to make the most efforts to create a unique product that suits your healthy lifestyle.

Why Choose EPOK Snus?

The task of making excellent snus is not the easiest thing to do. To create this perfectly balanced taste, Epok snus manufacturers worked hard and finally could find the ideal combination of pleasantly moist snus and natural flavors.

  • First, tobacco leaves are carefully cut and dried. Epok snus shop offers only high-quality products, made of the best brown tobacco plants.
  • Secondly, Brown tobacco leaves are kept in a special liquid to take out all harmful substances such as nitrosamines and heavy metals. The tobacco is then cleaned and washed until it becomes pleasantly white.
  • Thirdly, finally, all the delicious flavors and other ingredients that people who buy Epok snus online love and appreciate are added and mixed.

Snus EPOK Effect

Epok is the most popular all-white tobacco product, made with the help of innovative technologies. White tobacco does not contain natural sugar and can be named highly popular in Epok snus usa shops. But you can’t find the difference between Epok and a portion of traditional brown tobacco. The strength line is between 8 mg/g to 16 mg/g.

Snus EPOK Tastes

Epok should be stored at room temperature so as not to lose its bright taste. Today, you can find Epok snus buy online in many fascinating flavors in our store.

Lime Strong White

It is a strong "white" lime-flavored chewing tobacco. If you already have a rich chewing experience and tried different types of chewing tobacco, this one has the most pleasant fresh aroma.

Licorice Strong

This sort of Epok has a well-balanced taste, combining a pure tobacco flavor with a sweet licorice aroma. You can buy Epok online in this taste if you are tired of boring reality and need some changes, even in snus tastes.

Blueberry Slim White

The white mixture is sold in thin white bags with a strong aroma of sweet berries. Definitely, you can feel a slight sound of mint, but berries dominate.

Melon Slim White

Meet completely white snus with a clear, refreshing aroma of juicy melon, which is combined with a slight bitterish taste of tobacco. The aroma lasts about 45 - 55 minutes.

Lime Slim White

This snus Epok portion is white with an unexpectedly fruity flavor. You can feel bright citrus notes and an accurate lime sound. The taste is very similar to chewing lime, unbearably sour and refreshing.

Mint Slim White

White-color snus comes in thin white sachets with a dominant mint flavor.

Freeze X-Strong

This sort of snuff is considered the strongest in the Epok collection. It can hardly surprise you with a fruity taste, but you can feel a rich peppermint flavor instead. The taste, as well as nicotine, interferes with your sensory organs very quickly - in a few minutes.

Who Are EPOK Products Good For?

The Epok snus price starts from $3.50, being an absolutely adequate cost for such a high-quality product. Snus24.com can’t recommend this Epok example for you who are a beginning smoker. But heavy smokers can find this snus line rather weak. One way or another, Epok can help you to quit smoking and quite successfully, in spite of the fact that Epok strength varies from 8 mg/g to 16 mg/g.

This variant will be an ideal chewing mixture for you if you:

  • smoke cigarettes rarely
  • or do not use nicotine at all

We recommend starting with less strong types, as each body is individual and can react to nicotine differently.

Similarly, the effect of snus with the same amount of nicotine may differ due to different manufacturers, shape, and type of a portion (wet, dry, white) and even taste (mint is usually stronger).

Buy Snus EPOK In Our Store

Our online store offers a huge selection of chewing tobacco. Even the true cost Epok snus cannot stop you from buying this accurate tablet. We are distributors of only the best brands and work with market leaders. In our store you will see such brands as Epok, Siberia, General, Oden, Skruf, and others.

If you can’t decide on such a large selection of manufacturers and a variety of tastes, we will provide a phone consultation in a few minutes.

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