Jakobssons Fläder (Elderflower)

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Jakobsson's Fläder Portion is flavored with elderflower. The elderflower is a dominant taste here and balances with the taste of tobacco. The taste is of a fruity character, but it does not damage the quality or aroma of the tobacco.

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Having won awards for being a company with a remarkably good growth rate Gotlandssnus has been in for a ride ever since it's humble beginnings in the kitchen of Henrik Jacobsson, CEO and creator of Gotlandssnus. With a stern belief in delivering quality snus Henrik built his company brick by brick to where it is today, or snus by snus as he likes to put it.
After a couple of years the company grew to the rate of being able to build a factory in Roma in the middle of Gotland. Today Gotlandssnus creates 10000 cans of snus every single day and with 30 million in revenue they deliver snus to both the Swedish, American, Asian and European market. They are well on their way to becoming a great competitor to the giants in the snus industry. Behind the success is great strategy and the belief that nothing is impossible, the only thing you need is courage. Henrik states that the biggest asset is his employees. Without their will, patience and inventiveness this would have never worked out, no matter how desired our product will end up being. Buy Jakobsson snus online!
Gotlandssnus releases unique taste experiences that challenge the status quo, like their Jakobssons Strong Melon flavour series, their mint and wintergreen series as well as the Jakobssons Fläder (Elderflower). Last but not least they released their strongest snus yet, Jakobssons Dynamite, with a taste that packs a punch and a complimentary high nicotine content. 
Gotlands has also released seasonal snus specifically created for Swedish occassions with a really unique set of flavours.

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Nicotine (mg/g)10mg
Content (g/can)20g
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