Kaliber White Salmiak

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Kaliber White Salmiak Portion is a product wearing the Kaliber brand. The tobacco character in the snus is dark black and has distinctive elements of licorice root, salmiak and slightly dried figs. The portion bag is soft and because it is white portions, the snus flows a bit, yet delivers flavor quickly and for a long time.

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Kaliber snus is produced in accordance with Swedish Match's high quality standards and has a familiar tobacco taste with hints of citrus. Swedish Match presents the modern alternative snus - Kaliber. A pouch for those who are looking for an simple snus without wanting to compromise on quality. Kaliber snus produced by Swedish Match's high quality standards and has a familiar, close tobacco flavor with hints of citrus. Kaliber snus produced by Swedish Match's high quality standards and has a medium-bodied and floral tobacco flavor with hints of wild herbs, citrus and red berries.

Information about the product - Kaliber White Portion Salmiak
Salmiak Kaliber White Portion is a product that carries the brand Caliber. Tobacco nature of snus is of dark variety, and has obvious hints of licorice root, liquorice and some dried figs. The sachet is soft and because there are white portions so runs snuff a little, but still delivers the taste fast and long.

Facts about product
brand Caliber
Product White portion
Normal Strength
Nicotine 8 mg / g
Contents / box 16 g
Snustyp White Salmiak Pouches
size Original
Producer Swedish Match


More Information
Nicotine (mg/g)8mg
Content (g/can)16g
ManufacturerSwedish Match
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