Röda Lacket Loose

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Röda Lacket Loose has been on the Swedish snus scene for a long time! The taste has elements of fruity and the tobacco is relatively mild and does not burn so strongly. Röda Lacket is known to be easy to bake, which is due to its very fine grain.

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Röda Lacket Loose
Röda Lacket Loose Röda Lacket Loose Röda Lacket Loose Röda Lacket Loose Röda Lacket Loose

Buy Röda Lacket Loose, Swedish snus

The second oldest Swedish snus brand after Ettan. Röda Lacket has a tobacco flavor with a touch of licorice. Its consistency makes it easy to pinch the loose snus together to put under your lip.

It was first launched in 1850 by the Petter Swartz Snusfabrik in Norrköping, Sweden. It quickly spread in popularity to the whole Swedish country. Röda Lacket then gained wide popularity during the youth revolt of the 1960s, perhaps due to the brand’s red color. It’s mild and slightly fruity tobacco taste, with a sense of licorice, and it’s consistency forms easily into a solid pinch to place under your lip.

Ingredients: water, tobacco, humectants (propylene glycol, glycerin), salt, pH adjuster (sodium carbonate), natural and artificial flavors including artificial smoke flavor.

More Information
Nicotine (mg/g) 8mg
Content (g/can) 42g
Format Loose
Brand Röda Lacket
Manufacturer Swedish Match
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