Skruf Slim Mynta White

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Skruf Slim Mynta White has a recipe out of the ordinary. Inside the aromatic, slim portion bags you will find 100% organic tobacco grown mainly in Brazil and the Amish people in eastern United States. In addition to the organic tobacco, the snus contains 10% mint leaves which give an aromatic taste of mint.

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Skruf Slim Mynta White
Skruf Slim Mynta White Skruf Slim Mynta White

Buy Skruf Slim Mynta White Portion snus online

Skruf came out of nowhere and challenged the big snus brands in Sweden and Norway from 2003 onwards. Snus was up until then sold in low-key, somber boxes. With Skruf came an alternative for those who wanted to make an individual and modern selection of Swedish premium snus. The brand has grown each year and stands out, not only by its design, but also through successful flavor innovations and with a new marketing attitude.

Today, Skruf is owned by Imperial Tobacco, the world’s fourth largest tobacco producer, which gives the production in Småland even more muscles to modernize the Swedish snus. With a product portfolio that builds on quality and individuality Skruf aims to continue being a modern choice that more and more snusers discover. Buy Skruf snus online!

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Nicotine (mg/g)8mg
Content (g/can)16.8g
ManufacturerSkruf Snus
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