3 main differences between loose snus and portion snus

3 main differences between loose snus and portion snus

Gives loose snus a more genuine snus feeling?

There are quite a lot different types of snus on the market today. Portion snus is probably the type of snus that has developed the most since there are Mini, Regular, White, and Maxi portion snus. And then there is the original loose snus. In this blogpost we have a look at the pros with snusing loose snus. If you are snusing today but you snus portion you could be miss out the real snus experience. We present 3 major reasons why you should try loose snus.

1. The original snus feeling

Loose snus is flexible and since you are able to choose the size and shape you could experiment yourself to the perfect snus feeling.


2. Stronger nicotine rush

The nicotine rush should be the same in loose snus and portion but most people say that the experience a stronger rush with loose compared to portion. This could be because the loose snus have a tendency to often flow which leads to swallowing straight down the throat. Some say it is a different taste of loose snus, a stronger and more clear taste somehow. But on the other hand some says loose snus is too strong.


3. Hygienic factors

After all, the hygiene is better with portioning, it becomes easily clumsy when you are doing loose, and especially in the beginning of your snus career. Luckily there are tools for making snus portions. Snus makers.


So basically there is a matter of taste and you can experiment with loose snus to get the maximum best snus feeling. So you have to ask yourself what kind of snusare you are. Are you a person where feeling and taste are most important? Then you should definitely test the loose snuff.