Snus is made from finely ground, heat-treated tobacco mixed with salts. The difference between snus and ordinary chewing tobacco is that the former is not fermented. In the 1970s, the most important innovation was introduced to the snus market - the first snus packaged in small paper bags. This led to other no less important developments - the white portion and also the white dry portion.

Snus Pouches Dry - original taste of snus

One of the most popular snus varieties on the Swiss market is the White Portion. With this variety, the snus pouch dry, but the snus itself is not. Based on White Portion, the snus variety White Dry was developed a little later. The dry part of white snus is not only the pouch but also the snus itself which is too dry. The main advantage that explains the increasing popularity of this variety is the possibility to enjoy a longer lasting intense taste in the mouth. Some users prefer Completely Dry Snus because it does not cause such intense saliva secretion.

The most popular snus dry portions on the Swiss market are:

  • Oden's Cold Extreme White Dry Portion.
  • Siberia Rot White Dry Portion.
  • Thunder Cool Mint Slim White Dry.
  • Chainsaw Cold White Dry Portion.
  • Skruf Tranbär White.

All these portions of swedish snus and other varieties of snus from famous manufacturers can be found on the Snus24 online store in America.

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