White Portion

Increasingly people are interested in small bags of Scandinavian chewing tobacco - snus.  And today, snus exists in different forms and varieties to meet all consumer wishes. The history of snus began in the 18th century, but since then snus has incurred many changes. Less than fifty years ago, snus was sold in only one form: traditional bulk snus.  All experienced snus users are familiar with the classification of snus: bulk snus and portioned snus. When the first snus portion came on the market, it immediately gained many followers, who since then only prefer this type of snus, since it is no longer necessary to form a ball with the fingers oneself - the fingers therefore remain clean and there is no risk of spilling loose snus. Then you may ask a question: what is White Snus?

White Portion Snus - original taste of snus

In 20 years, the White Snus Portion was introduced to the market with such properties:

  • The area of the sachets is drier than in the Original Snus Portion.
  • The area of the pouches is drier than in the Original Snus Portion. The pouch of White tobacco snus flows less because of the drier surface.
  • The taste of the White tobacco is more uniform than that of its classic predecessor.
  • Nicotine is released more slowly.
  • The taste lasts a little longer in the mouth.
  • The tobacco contained in the mini pouch of Snus White has the same moisture content as the original portion.

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